My kitchen, completely vegetarian and Indian (for the most part) is where I love to create food for the soul & senses; most of all, healthy cooking for a good living (oh, with sporadic guilt filled extravagance, of course!). My passion for cooking has many deep rooted inspirations: food that I grew up on, the art of balancing flavors, textures and the importance of presentation I learnt from my mom and things I continue to learn from her, my mom-in-law, the myriad food blogs out there, the tens of cookbooks I own, to name a few. I find cooking extremely therapeutic and the choicest means to ultimate relaxation. At the end of a taxing day at work, my cherished, wished-for way of resting is spending time in my kitchen.
So what can you expect to see on this blog? Mainly posts about food, of course. Occasionally there might be some ramblings or random thoughts, maybe some book, music or movie reviews etc.

Thank you for visiting & hope to see you back here soon!



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