Dare I say I’m back?

Wow! I’ve been gone from this space for nearly six years. Six years. That’s a long time!

It looks like the blogging bug has bitten me again. That’s a bit of a sweet quandary. Let me explain 🙂

Sweet, because it has me coming back and revisiting my posts (ahem, there aren’t that many of them, really!). I’ve been in a nostalgic, dreamy space since.

Why the quandary? Probably because I am unsure if I should plunge back into blogging; uncertain that I can keep up with the writing; unsettled about restarting the blog in the midst of a super packed schedule. And many such insecure human feelings :). Well, then I thought, what’s life without a bit of sweet quandary and challenges everywhere. Right? So, here I am!

Six years: I won’t get dramatic and spin a story around how I have had a void in my life sans blogging. I’ve thought about this space time and again for sure, but I’m happy to have caught a breath (albeit a LONG one!). Time has flown by since moving back to India, teaching me worthy life lessons on many topics, including food! Now, I cook when I have time on hand, and cook almost exclusively for the 6 year old son – the one with the cleansed, refined palate. Like mom, like son and all that good stuff 🙂

So, looking forward to coming back with a food related post, with a recipe, as soon as I can!


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