I’m here, I’m here and my blogiversary!

Dear all,

Thank you so much for your wishes on our move back to India. We are here and still in the process of settling down. And no, I have not started cooking yet. Other than still being pampered around, work has been keeping me quite busy and away from the kitchen. But I will, soon, reconnect with my passion. I am just hoping I haven’t lost my mojo! 🙂

And as I was composing this post today, I realized that it has been a year since I started Kitchen Aromas! Traa-laa-laa, I am wishing myself a happy blogiversary! For the coming year, I do hope to write more about traditional cooking and recipes, from my real home, in Bangalore!

Here is wishing all of you fun-filled holidays and best wishes for the coming year! And of course, wishing all the foodies happy and healthy cooking and eating!

And a final note: I have a new blog where I will be writing about life in Bangalore. It is still brand new and I hope to bring it to good shape soon. Here is the link:



15 thoughts on “I’m here, I’m here and my blogiversary!

  1. Welcome back and happy first anniversary!

    I am excited to hear that you are going to blog traditional recipes from ‘lore! Hurray, can’t wait!
    I will off blogging for a week too, busy time these days. Have fun there, take it easy. Blog when you are ready!:))

  2. Happy anniversary to ur blog. Am so excited u moved to Inida. we plan to do so soon – In about 2-3 yrs. cant wait. Would love to read ur new blog.

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