Too colorful: Summer Tomato Salad

 Here is saying adios to the summer season with this ruby red and golden cherry tomato salad! I found these juicy and beautiful bombs at the farmer’s market last weekend. No recipe, really. I cut the tomatoes in half and tossed them with torn basil leaves, a tbsp of extra virgin olive oil, freshly ground pepper, salt and a tiny pinch of sugar. If you have fresh mozzarella on hand, dice them into cubes and add to the salad along with a dash of balsamic vinegar for a delightful chopped Caprese.

Buh-bye  Summer L

Cherry Tomato Salad


21 thoughts on “Too colorful: Summer Tomato Salad

  1. Roopa,

    The tomatoes look delicious. You are right this is the end of the season for them, so nice to eat fresh produce huh.

    Vegan Omelette sounds very cool, I would love to have a submission like that for WBB Omelette. Cool idea! I was hoping someone would suggest that! Looking forward to the entry Roopa!


  2. Roopa, throwing things together and making a complete meal is so easy; it is a wonder why so many people prefer buying readymade foods that use toxic things like preservatives, etc etc. Today, with more and more Indians being diagnosed with the lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart problems, it is time to bring in a change in the way in which we eat. Eating habits vary among states and age groups, but in general Indians are prone to eating unhealthy and oily foods. If such healthy dishes can be prepared instead, we can start leading an improved and more productive life soon. For some expert tips on healthy eating habits check out our blog at

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