Peaches Peaches!

A great peach harvest from my colleague S’s backyard! He was generous enough to bring us all pounds of these fresh beauties.  Joys of summer!



17 thoughts on “Peaches Peaches!

  1. These are from one tree in my backyard, and I barely do ANYTHING (other than water it), so these are as organic as they get. I have about 10 times this amount sitting on my counter and kitchen table as we speak, come and get ’em, I don’t know what to do with them all!!

    Gotta love late summer Colorado peaches. The best.

  2. Wow…they all came from their backyard? I am wondering what amount of harvest it was, gasping at ur share of peaches. So what you gonna do with those peaches Roopa & this question is for Scott as well 🙂

  3. All from one tree in backyard, yup. Not even all THAT big, really. I also probably drop 1 in 4 due to bug bites or just sub-par perfection. Really haven’t decided what to do with ALL of them, we are actually thinking of making peach-infused vodka to give away as gifts (and enjoy, of course), and last time I had a harvest this size (SEVERAL hundred, by my quick estimation) I traded peaches around town for burritos, sandwiches and even a 12-pack of beer!

    People, rightly so, love them!

  4. Oh my god. I am seriously jealous. I hope they’re good: the peaches that I’ve been eating over the past couple weeks have been so bad I wanted to curl up and die. So. Not good.

  5. You send some here because I love fresh peaches and here we not got easily and also here is not season and after see your photo…….my mouth is watering.:)

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