Smitten by a Banana Split?

Are you an ardent banana split lover? Do you drool over just by the mention of it on a hot summer afternoon? Do you fantasize the vanilla-strawberry-chocolate flavors bursting in your mouth, complimented by tangy pineapple sauce all on a bite of creamy banana? Then this is just for you! I am neither typing up the recipe here nor do I have a picture of a banana split. But what I have is a link to a great story and a greater recipe for an awesome classic banana split. Read on! 

Controversies apart, happy 100th birthday banana split!


5 thoughts on “Smitten by a Banana Split?

  1. I love banana bcoz it is full of fiber and potassium.:)
    100th birthday banana split!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Very nice blog you are created with lots of information.

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