Another foodblog?!

Another food blog…why, you ask? Well, it’s just a means of channelizing and sharing my exploding passion for cooking! The inspirations for starting my own food blog are many. When I first stumbled upon food blogs a long time ago, I probably spent hours and hours surveying them, just awestruck at the energy, dedication and warmth of the cooking aficionados out there! I then spent days cerebrating if I should start a food blog of my own; the biggest reason holding me back from jumping in all these days was the apprehension that I would not be able to do justice to it in terms of constant posts and maintenance given my busy schedule. But then, wonderful events like JFI and others pushed me over the edge! I couldn’t hold back any longer and I had to take the plunge! So, here I am! 

The food blogs I frequent are many and Indira’s Mahanandi deserves a special utterance. Thanks to Indira for her encouragement to swoop me into this wonderful world of food blogging. The other blogs I visit and absolutely adore are all listed in the Kitchen links. 

With that said, I am enthusiastically looking forward to my first post!                                                                                                              

4 thoughts on “Another foodblog?!

  1. Hi Roopa…. first time here 🙂 Welcome to the world of blogging !!!! You have a great blog and don’t be too stressed out to update it everyday. 🙂 Once a week or once in two weeks should also be fine 🙂 Happy blogging!!!! 🙂 (I am blogrolling you)

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